I have pups that need great homes. The mother is an German Shepherd mixture and the father was a full bloodied Aulstrian Shepherd. I am asking for each…. We have gorgeous german shepherd puppies females and males. Mom an is lbs old fashion black and tan with black saddle. Dad is a long coated black and cream….

This Pakistani Owns 45 German Shepherd - How Much He Spends Daily on Their Food?

Faith is such a sweetheart. She had a very rough start to life and has come such a long way. She is is a precious playmate to our playful large dog and…. Both parents is on the premises. The father was Imported from Germany. He is show dog and is also trained in Germany There….

Meet our darling White German Shepherd Pups Up to date on all shots and vaccinations well socialized plus will be veterinarian checked from head to toe….

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This advertiser is not a subscribing member and asks that you upgrade to view the complete puppy profile for this German Shepherd, and to view contact…. I have boy German Shepherd pups for sale. The pups are weeks old and are ready to be sold. Our dogs are treated with the best care.

german shepherd dog price in tuticorin

We also have paperwork…. American kennel club reg German Shepherd pups for sale Males left they are ready to go and have shots and documents Photos and contact information on Advertigo…. Ads 1 - 8 of 22, Sort Dogs by Breed German Shepherd. Age Puppy. View Details. Color Black. Gender Female,Male.There are a lot of reasons you could have for getting a German Shepherd as a pet.

Whatever may be the reasons, once you have decided to welcome this dog into your life you need to take note of a few more things before bringing it home. You need to be prepared for letting it into your life and being happy with it. While the price is one factor in choosing the right dog for you, there are several other factors that come into the picture when deciding on a dog to buy.

Also Read: Dog price list in India. Here are some of the most fundamental factors that you need to consider before buying a German Shepherd:.

German Shepherd

Do you have enough space for a German Shepherd? Is your house big enough for the dog? Do you have space for the dog to move around and play? This is a very crucial factor that you need to consider before getting a German Shepherd into the house. Are you committed to training your dog?

Training is a crucial part of owning a dog. This is very much true when you have a German Shepherd. You have to make sure that you have the time to train your dog almost every day.

German shepherd dog price in Bangladesh

This is another major commitment you have to make before buying a German Shepherd. Do you provide enough exercise to your dog?

German Shepherds are herding breeds. They need a lot of exercises to stay healthy. You have to make the commitment to provide enough exercise to the dog. Only then you can say that you are ready to bring a German Shepherd into your life.

Can you keep it engaged? German Shepherds are intelligent and active dogs. You have to make sure that you keep them busy with some activity. Otherwise, they are going to be trouble for the entire house. There are many games that you can get your dog involved in. This will give the dog enough activity and keep it engaged for long. German Shepherds are not loner types.

german shepherd dog price in tuticorin

They like to bond and connect. They do not like to be left alone.Group : Herding Dogs Weight : 35 — 40 Kgs Height : 22 - 26 inches Color s : The German Shepherd comes in assortment of hues and examples including dark; dark and cream; dark and red; dark and silver; dark and tan; blue; dim; liver; sable; and white. The American Kennel Club doesn't perceive white as a shading for this breed, be that as it may, and won't let white German Shepherds contend in adaptation appears, in spite of the fact that they're permitted in different rivalries.

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Coat : The German Shepherd was initially reared to crowd groups in unforgiving atmospheres, and his medium-length twofold coat fits the employment splendidly, shielding the pooch from downpour and snow, and impervious to getting burrs and soil.

The coat sorts of the German Shepherd are as changed as his shading; some German Shepherds are long haired. On the other hand, the perfect German Shepherd has a twofold layer of medium length. The external coat is thick with straight hair that lies near the body, and is here and there wavy and wiry. Distinct Feature : The German Shepherd may exemplify a portion of the best attributes of mutts, yet he's not for everybody. Initially reproduced to crowd runs throughout the day, this is a high-vitality pooch who needs a ton of action and work out.

Without it, he's liable to express his weariness and disappointment in ways you don't care for, for example, woofing and biting. The breed additionally has an unapproachable and in some cases suspicious nature — extraordinary for a guard dog yet not the kind of family pooch who'll make visitors feel welcome.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you uncover a German Shepherd to various circumstances and individuals beginning in puppyhood, he can figure out how to take new individuals and circumstances in stride.

He's a held pooch; he doesn't make companions quickly, yet once he does, he's greatly faithful. With his family he's nice and receptive, yet when undermined he can be solid and defensive, making him a phenomenal guard dog. This profoundly insightful and trainable breed blossoms with having a vocation to do — any employment. The German Shepherd can be prepared to do just about anything, from alarming a hard of hearing individual to a doorbell ring to sniffing out a torrential slide casualty.

Happy, faithful and willing to learn. Peaceful, sure, genuine and cunning. German Shepherds are to a great degree unwavering, and overcome. They won't mull over giving their lives for their human pack. They have a high learning capacity. German Shepherds affection to be near their families, however can be careful about outsiders. This breed needs his kin and ought not be left segregated for drawn out stretches of time.

They just bark when they feel it is vital. Regularly utilized as police mutts, the German Shepherd has an exceptionally solid defensive impulse, and is to a great degree faithful to its handler. Mingle this breed well beginning at puppyhood.

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Animosity and assaults on individuals are because of poor taking care of and preparing. This breed needs proprietors who are actually definitive over the pooch in a quiet, however firm, sure and predictable way. A steady, balanced, and prepared puppy is generally for the most part great with different pets and phenomenal with kids in the crew.

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They must be immovably prepared in submission from an early age. They ought to be prepared and associated from an early age. German Shepherds won't listen in the event that they sense that they are more grounded minded than their proprietor, be that as it may they will likewise not react well to brutal control.German shepherd poppytype: long coatgender: female age: 90 days.

Healthy very active and heavy bone10 monthsmalefood habit: rice, chicken, eggs, vegetables and milk. If interested knock or call. Name: yummy breed name: german spitz age:5 month female vaccination card will be given vaccination done for this year thank you.

Name:yummy breed name: german spitz age:5 month female vaccination done for this year and i ll guve you the vaccination card. Long coat, heavy bone. His name bullet, he know his name and some commandssitdownleave it, wait, He love to ride on scooter I am selling because I don't have Age: 2 months dewormed and vaccinated gender male.

Medium coat german shepherd for sale. Original purebreed german shepherd puppies for sale. The dog is very good and playfull. I want someone who has had a dog before or has a dog rn.

Very friendly dog 11 months old female food habit boiled chicken with rice,egg,royal can recently done grooming fur will grow longer. Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for German shepherd dog price in Bangladesh.

By using our site you agree to our use of cookies. German shepherd dog price in Bangladesh. Report Ad. For ani details call me. Basai dekhar keu nei. Vaccin kora ache. Age : 7 months. Page 1 of 1. Did not find what you're looking for? Stay updated about German shepherd dog price in Bangladesh.

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Receive the latest listings for German shepherd dog price in Bangladesh Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for German shepherd dog price in Bangladesh. Email field should not be empty Please enter a valid email address. You can cancel your email alerts at any time. Save your search.German Shepherd puppies for sale, we carry variety breed from toy to large breeds here. All our beautiful puppies are come from our professional private…. Has her first vaccination.

Price asking is negotiable, contact for any other information. We are in Garland, TX Pick up only…. Meet these lovable pups. They are friendly, energetic, and full of life! Their sweet and unique personalities will make it fun for you to meet and choose…. I am a really cute German Shepherd pup and can't wait for you to adopt me into your loving home! I am very intelligent, courageous, fearless, keen and….

Amelia Shepard will tell you it is tough being the Chief of General Surgery. If you invite me to be your personal pup, I will take nice care of you and…. I am a pack…. Did you hear that Alex Karev is leaving Gray's Anatomy? That's so he could be featured here for adoption. I may be small in size but I'm huge in spirit….

Hey there! My name is Miranda and I need a loving, fur-ever home to start my exciting life! I love backyards and rolling around in the grass. I'm learning…. Sort Dogs by Breed German Shepherd. Gender Male. Age Puppy. View Details. Female German Shepherd Puppy.People often try asking here and there or consider doing some research before getting home a pup, especially on some purpose- well it is a good thing, being informed about the little guy who you are going to make a part of your family.

German Shepherd price in India varies by and large depending on the breeder and place you are buying from. An average price of German Shepherd in India comes around Rs. If you are looking for a perfect pup, then you might like to avoid buying from a Dog mill or animal farms. While sometimes the Alsatian dog price can be lower there, in order to prevent any possible hereditary disease or other unwanted traits, we would recommend buying from licensed, reliable breeders.

Dealing with fully certified and authorized breeders, we personally and precisely inspect our pups before they are made a part of your family. Simply get in touch with us for buying an original German shepherd puppy, all easy and hassle-free. Before we discuss anything about buying German Shepherds, you first need to have a clear picture of this dog breed in your mind.

Read on to know some important German shepherd facts as well as the nature of GSD. Ranking third among the intelligent dog breeds, they are deemed to be perfect for any purpose- whether you are getting one as a service dog or a guard dog or a family dog, the breed will make up for it all.

And, given their intelligence level, they would catch things up in no time. They are very good with kids and are the perfect combination of a family and kid friendly dog as well as a security dog. German Shepherd Height: 22 to 26 inches in case of Males; 22 to 24 inches in case of Females. Approximate Life Span: 11 to 13 years. Least obesity issues. Approximate Litter size: 6 to Third most intelligent dog breed, and also one of the most popular dog breed. Sometimes referred to as Alsatian Dogs.

Daring, protective and strong. You can read some other interesting and unknown dog facts. German Shepherd, being a large, highly intelligent and active dog breed, qualifies for many purposes. Given their strong protective as well as aggressive traits, they make excellent guards. They can be patient if trained and are quite understanding which makes German Shepherds ideal service dogs, therapy dogs and guide dogs. So there need not be a second thought if you are planning on bringing a German shepherd home for any of these purposes.

However, please do reconsider it if all you are looking for is a pet to pat and play when you feel like- German Shepherds are no couch potatoes and definitely no lap dogs. Given their aggressive nature, it will be genuine for to-be pet parents to strongly consider this point if they have small kids in their house.

Children tend to unknowingly or ignorantly do things that could potentially irk the dog. Well, if you train German Shepherds, they are going to be absolutely great with children. In fact, they would rather be protective and careful about them, and would eventually develop a very strong bond.

While German shepherds are apartment friendly breeds, they still need enough room to move around and stretch their legs; plus they are large dogs and not toy breeds that can fit right in your lap. So if you have a 1BHK where sofa is over the bed, you might want to, umm, think over your decision to bring home a new German Shepherd. Yet another important thing to consider when you bring a German Shepherd home.

You need to follow healthy German shepherd diets and training, regular vet check-ups and much more. Simply put- German Shepherd dog is high maintenance.

As mentioned earlier, German Shepherd needs to be trained, for the purpose you are bringing him home, for controlling his aggression etc. You need to consider whether you will be able to train him or if you can find a right trainer around. Besides, holding a history of being used in guarding and hunting, German Shepherd is a very energetic breed and would need some considerable time and attention from you, at least until they are trained.

Definitely not a good idea if you are considering locking him up while you are out!Contrary to popular opinion, it is no more closely related to the wolf than any other breed of dog. A consortium of German breeders worked to make a brave, intelligent dog that could herd sheep and run quickly with great stamina.

They produced an agile, powerful dog which quickly showed its usefulness at police work and guarding. During World War I, the breeds name was changed to Alsatian Alsatia is a German speaking region of France to protect the breed against possible anti-German sentiment. This name lasted only briefly in some countries such as America but remains to this day in others. German Shepherd Dogs became the most popular breed in America after the rise of German Shepherd movie star Rin Tin Tin, who thrilled audiences with astounding skills such as leaping nearly 12 feet high.

Rin Tin Tin was known to dine on tenderloin steaks prepared by a personal chef. While no longer the countrys number one breed, the incredibly adaptable German Shepherd Dog is today a popular guard dog, police dog, guide dog, search-and-rescue dog, drug-sniffing dog, and pet. Size The German Shepherd Dog has a shoulder height of cm in and weighs kg lbs. It is a long, muscular dog with a black nose, powerful scissors bite, wide, erect ears, and intelligent, almond-shaped eyes.

Small German Shepherds for Sale

German Shepherd Dogs have a flat back, bushy, low hanging tail, muscular legs and chest, and short, round feet. They are the image of power and dignity. German Shepherd Dogs with a shoulder height over 64 cm 25 in and weight over 41 kg 90 lbs are sometimes called King Shepherds, but this breed is not recognized as distinct by the American Kennel Club.

Coat and Color There are three varieties of German Shepherd Dog: coarse and short-haired, coarse and long-haired, and wavy and long-haired. Long-haired varieties may or may not have a double coat.

The prototypical German Shepherd Dog is tan with a black back and mask, but German Shepherd Dogs come in a variety of colors including solid black, grey, brown, and yellow, tricolor black, white, and brown or red, or sable black and red, silver, or tan, plus a variety of marking designations including penciling black lines on the toes and tar heels black on the back of the leg.

German Shepherd Dogs may not be white, though in some countries this is considered a separate breed. Character The German Shepherd Dog is unusually intelligent and unconditionally loyal, obedient, brave, and protective.

It is known for its fearlessness but it is by no means hostile or aggressive. German Shepherd Dogs are poignant and devoted, making wonderful companions and ideal watchdogs.

They are highly versatile and can fit in with many different lifestyles. Temperament German Shepherd Dogs are highly territorial, making them among the least likely of breeds to run away from a fight. They are not friendly towards strangers and will stop unwanted visitors.

The German Shepherd Dog gets along fine with children and other animals, provided proper socialization has taken place, but does not prefer the companionship of other dogs. Care The German Shepherd Dog should be brushed weekly. During shedding, a special comb to remove dead hairs may be required. Like other large breeds, German Shepherd Dogs are susceptible to elbow and hip problems. Meals should be spread throughout the day to avoid bloat. The German Shepherd Dog has a life span of years.

Training German Shepherd Dogs are eager pupils and are quick to learn new tricks. They are most responsive to their owners voice. The German Shepherd Dogs versatility makes them suitable for a wide variety of activities including dog sports.

german shepherd dog price in tuticorin

Activity German Shepherd Dogs are happiest when doing some type of work, such as agility, obedience, or police trials. Over-exercising when young can cause damage to growing bones, joints, and muscles. The German Shepherd Dog prefers a yard to play in, but can tolerate life in an apartment if sufficient exercise is provided. Due to Coronavirus lockdown, kindly everyone stay at home. Our website is closed for new registration and posting puppies.

Home Puppy for Sale German Shepherd. About Puppy best quality gsd puppy are available here.

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