Fortunately, the process of narrowing the field of available products to determine which system or systems are best suited to your needs is a pretty easy one. This chapter provides all the information you need to easily choose a system for your vehicle as well as any additional parts to ensure your installation goes smoothly and gives you years of reliable service. Most aftermarket EFI kits are designed for naturally aspirated engines making less than hp.

EFI/Electronic Fuel Injection Systems

The size of the injectors included in the kit typically fourthe airflow capability of the throttle body itself, the fuel pressure, fuel pump, etc.

These kits represent 90 percent of the market. That being said, some products are compatible with much-higher horsepower, naturally aspirated combinations as well as those kits that are fully compatible with power adders. If your naturally aspirated combination makes in excess of flywheel horsepower, you should be looking at an MPFI system, a TBI system that allows you to run dual throttle bodies, or a stack system.

The throttle body has eight injectors and supports up to 1, hp. A setup like this provides that classic look with the performance of modern fuel injection! Photo Courtesy Ed Taylor. The kit includes the Stealth fuel pump, baffle, pre-filter, and all parts required to install it. The kit supports naturally aspirated EFI engine combinations making up to hp or forced-induction EFI combinations up to hp.

Photo Courtesy Aeromotive. One of the limitations of speed-density EFI systems is that they typically require a good vacuum signal at idle, such as 10 inches of manifold volume or more.

Some manufacturers specify camshaft profile limitations e.

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If your camshaft profile falls outside of their recommendations, you should pick up the phone and contact their tech support department for recommendations before proceeding. Each of the following should be considered in an effort to ensure your fuel system works efficiently and reliably. A typical carbureted system requires between 5 and 7 psi of fuel pressure. EFI systems require a higher operating fuel pressure typically from 20 to 80 psi.

This necessitates the installation of an EFI-style electric fuel pump, which can be installed in the tank or externally. If your vehicle is still equipped with the stock fuel line, it may also be necessary to upgrade it to meet the fuel demands of the system. Keep in mind, some systems are not compatible with hard lines.

Equally important are filters for the fuel system: one before the pump itself pre-filter and a much finer one before the injectors post-filter.

Some systems include one or both filters; others rely on you to supply them. Many aftermarket EFI systems also require a return line to the tank, which requires that the tank also have a vent.While it has been a decade since its demise, there is plenty to like about the original GM Tuned Port Injection system. Small-block Chevys have come a long way since their introduction back in the mid '50s. They have grown in displacement, technology, reliability, and most importantly power production.

The modern LS2 is a worthy successor to the original Mouse motor. Despite the impressive efficiency and all-aluminum construction offered by the modern Mouse to say nothing of the hp offered by the factory LS7we here at Super Chevy have not abandoned our degree roots.

Sure, the modern Mouse is lightweight, powerful, and efficient, but let's not forget where we came from, or the fact that the original small-block can be powerful. With millions of small-blocks still in existence, it will be some time before the LS-series motors replace the original as the powerplant of choice for Chevy enthusiasts. Given the dedicated following, it is not likely that we will ever see the demise of the small-block, at least not until current reserves of fossil fuels dry up.

Looking like an arachnid-based alien warship, the long runners in the stock TPI system were designed to promote impressive mid-range torque production. Before Chevy introduced the current LS1 architecture, it offered an intermediate update to the original Mouse motor in the form of the LT1 and more powerful LT4. Prior to that, the final configuration was code named L Fans of Tuned Port Injection will remember that the final small-block came equipped with a modern direct-port fuel injection.

Unlike previous carburetors including the computer-controlled varietiesthe TPI system offered precise metering of the fuel under all operating conditions.

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This was especially important to help meet the ever-tightening emissions laws. Fuel efficiency and emissions were optimized by balancing fuel delivery to each individual cylinder. Unfortunately, this also means other cylinders run rich. This cylinder imbalance decreases power while increasing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. In addition to the introduction of individual port injection, the TPI systems also provided a unique induction system. Designed to flow air the injectors are positioned at the base of the intake to flow fuel only into the head portthe TPI systems incorporated tuned runner lengths to optimize power production at the lower rev ranges.

With long, small-diameter intake ports, the TPI system enhanced low- and mid-range torque production. The TPI induction system featured a dual-blade throttle body.This stroker engine build is a beast, no doubt!

best fuel injection system for 383 stroker

Drive to a car meet, drive it at the track, take the wife out for dinner, drive it to work the next day… does life get any better? The Beast can handle all that comes its way giving you versatility, technology, and strength at its finest. It truly raises the bar in the small block Chevy industry.

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The beauty in this is the engine fits, runs, and looks just the way you want it. We give quotes and take orders the old-school way: over the phone. You can call us at We strive for the best engines and happy customers! No matter if this is your first rodeo or a pro mechanic, we help to make your job easy. Give us a call today for an instant quote! Laid out below are the 3 dress packages we offer. Included in the price is chrome valve covers, natural finish intake, and one of our 16 paint colors.

Instant quotes: Here you can see your stroker engine specs, shipping info, and more! For optimum service and purchase accuracy all quotes and orders are completed by phone. You can reach by phone at or email at sales westcoastengines. Call or email us for pricing. Here at West Coast Engines your engine is fully customized and built-to-order in just a few weeks. This allows us to accommodate the right oil pan, flywheel, engine color, intake manifold, smog equipment, or anything else that may be important to you!

We can also customize the packages if you already have a carburetor or an ignition system and simply deduct it from your order. Can you ship to my house? We can ship right to your doorstep. The delivery driver will lower the engine from the truck with a liftgate and put it right in your garage with a pallet jack.

For insurance purposes these engines must be delivered to you.

What EFI system is the best for a Performance 383 Stroker Engine??

These are big lbs engines and we want a professional freight company to handle it with care to protect your investment. Our nationwide warranty for the stroker engine is a whopping 3 years and unlimited miles. Because we take pride in the engines we build knowing they are our best when they leave here.

best fuel injection system for 383 stroker

We use a common-sense and personable approach getting you back on the road as quickly as possible if anything were to happen. If your state is listed above then you are eligible for a core exchange! Upgrade your stroker engine with belt systems, starters, and more! High temp engine enamel paint that holds up to degrees.

Performance automatic transmissions provided by Gearstar. Name brand parts, great service, custom built to match your vehicle, and include stall converter to match your engine with all necessary parts for installation.First Gear Ratio: 2. Electric power steering must be ordered directly from Factory Five. On Automatic transmission packages, You must plug speedometer hole with a freeze plug for GPS speedometers.

Does not include any speedometer gear housing, as that is gear ratio dependent. Pictured Below. Chevy c. Fuel Injected Choose your engine, front drive components and transmission package for a true Factory Five turn-key build! Engineered from the ground up with 3 goals: Performance, Reliability and Ease of Installation. Block: Hand picked seasoned block 4 bolt main 1-piece rear main seal Square and parallel decked Align honed main bearing bore Cylinders honed on computer controlled machine to within.

Rotating Assembly: Cast steel crank 3. Cam Specs: Roller. Call today to order or speak to a product technician! Ford Carbureted HO Stage 1 c.

Ford Carbureted HO Stage 2 c. Minor motor mount adjustments may be required for hotrod chassis. Fuel Injected. Choose your engine, front drive components and transmission package for a true Factory Five turn-key build! Loaded with ultra-durable components:. Compression: Due to shipper and supplier delays, your order may take longer to arrive.

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Maximize the power, efficiency, and performance of your engine with a new electronic fuel injection system right for your application. Recent Vehicles. Refine results by: Current Vehicle Recent Vehicles. Recently Searched. Show Recent Vehicles.See all 21 photos. For most of us, the chief requirement for aftermarket direct-port electronic fuel injection is the elimination of the after-installation hassle factor. We anticipate a nest of wiring, fuel system routing, and fabrication-that's understood and worn as a badge of honor in hot rodding.

While routine laptop tuning may wow your friends, we'd rather cruise with Della in the shotgun seat-not the Dell. What we really want is the convenience of a carburetor with the precision that computer-controlled EFI offers. Crisp throttle response and thrifty fuel usage is why we would even consider going through the effort.

However, if an EFI system provides improved horsepower, torque, and fuel economy, the company providing such would rule the world. We first met Richards in the Feb. Richards ingeniously packaged the electronic engineering from Ford with a high-flow single-plane manifold, an improved GM MAF sensor, a wiring loom with all the necessary connectors, and a 1,cfm throttle body and at the same time, talked personally with every customer.

Richards has expanded his lineup to include 24 different applications powered by Ford mass air management via an EEC computer. Got an AMC that needs fuel injection? Richards has you covered.

Caddy, no problem. Oldsmobile, Studebaker, or in our case, a ci Chevy small-block, then you are looking in the right place. In fact, if there is a single-plane intake manifold available for your engine, Mass-Flo can make a custom system for it. Additionally, this sequentially-fired, direct-port injection delivers performance. We sought to find out if it was better than the old standard, a four-barrel Holley right out of the box. That was our agenda: bolt a Holley Street HP cfm carb PN without rejetting and make only idle speed and idle mixture adjustments.

The same would be true of the Mass-Flo system. We'd install it right out of the box on the same 4,pound '70 Malibu Concours wagon. The Mass-Flo system contains all necessary sensors, including the air charge temperature sensor, barometric pressure sensor, coolant temperature sensor, idle air control valve, throttle position sensor, modified GM MAF sensor not included in image hereand a pair of oxygen sensors. Also supplied is a Thick Film small-cap Mallory distributor, the complete EFI harness specific to the engine application, an intake manifold available for small-block Chevy and Ford applications, but Mass-Flo can modify any aftermarket single-plane V-8 manifoldand the Mass-Flo-calibrated Ford-engineered electronic engine controller.

EFI impressions - FAST vs Sniper

You can choose to either acquire all of the plumbing and accoutrements from Mass-Flo or do as we did and use items you already have in your inventory to complete the installation. In many cases, your current carbureted setup may offer the needed parts, except for the EFI-specific fuel pump, filter, and pressure regulator. Our test was built around this ci small-block. To keep the comparison between carburetor and fuel injection as even as possible, we chose to top off the carb combination with the same Vortec-style Edelbrock Victor Jr.

best fuel injection system for 383 stroker

Since when we first acquired the Mass-Flo system, Chris Richards has sourced his own single-plane manifold as part of the Mass-Flo small-block Chevy kit. A Mass-Flo single-plane intake is also available for Ford applications. Battery voltage was a major concern with the EFI system. With that in mind, we upgraded the stock amp alternator to this amp unit for both the carbureted and fuel-injected tests. We'd need 15 amps alone for the fuel pump, not to mention individual injector and computer demand, and opted for the upgrade for both baseline and EFI tests.

Our can-do administrator on the project, Ed Taylor, sets the timing at 14 degrees initial with 34 degrees total advance as Aaron Hoekstra looks on.Compare at.

We make sure we hit our target horsepower and proper torque with every crate engine. We use an advanced computerized balancer to get our rotating assemblies within two grams, ensuring silky smooth power over the entire RPM range. That's precisely why our engines sound and run better than our competitors.

How to Install the Holley Terminator EFI on a Small-Block - Feeding Fuel

A Comprehensive, dyno-generated printout showing these critical specs will accompany your delivered engine. No more guessing or wondering what your installed engine's real-world peak horsepower and torque ratings actually are. Any doubters in the crowd? Simply flash 'em your dyno results!

Recommended Fuel: 91 Octane. The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority at BluePrint Engines. We use quality components to balance your engine's rotating assembly within two grams of spec. We dyno test your crate engine and certify that it's ready to deliver horsepower and torque. We give your BluePrint engine the industry's best-in-class warranty for 30 months or 50, miles — with the extra confidence only BluePrint can provide.

Our warranty applies to individual or professional installations, is fully transferable, and covers engines worldwide.

CHEVROLET 6.3L/383 Crate Engines

Your BluePrint engine was dyno tested with the parts and specifications listed below. If you prefer to install a different part, your engine may not produce the horsepower recorded on your dyno sheet. Harmonic Balancer: BPP - ci weighed, 8" diameter. Click here to download a copy of the Installation Guide that came with your BluePrint engine.

Sales: Service: Sales: Service: Contact us. Cam Specs: Cam Type: Roller.

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Ignition Timing: 34 degrees total at RPM. Engine package does not include fuel pump.

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